Errors in Survey Data

Errors in Survey Data All survey data are subject to error; errors can arise from innumerable, often unexpected, sources. Errors can be generated during the planning stage of a survey, more errors can be created during the later stages of data recording and processing. Indeed, we cannot list all the ways in which surveys can go wrong. It is possible, however, to raise our awareness of the problem by focusing on two broad categories of error, random error and systematic error (or bias).

What is Statistics?

This short article is for those who are interested in learning about statistics with zero knowledge about it. I thought it would be a good start to know few definitions about statistics, in general. I am in love with Statistics. Introduction Most people associate the term statistics with masses of numbers or, perhaps, with tables … Continue reading What is Statistics?

Data Analysis Tips

Since I created my facebook page, I have posted seven small tips that can help data analysis beginners. I decided to post all of them together in one post so they become more beneficial. Here are they: Tip 1: Collect More Data You should collect more data . . . and then be good about … Continue reading Data Analysis Tips