What is SPSS?

SPSS stands for Statistical Package for the Social Sciences, a software which is widely used as an Statistical Analytic Tool in the Field of Social Science, Such as Market research, Surveys, Competitor Analysis, Healthcare, Government, Education, and others. This tool first launched in 1968, in the dark ages of computing, before we had discovered the … Continue reading What is SPSS?

Become a Data Analyst

No doubt, one of the most popular jobs nowadays is the data analyst job, and this is for may reasons. One reason is that the new world has become more data-driven, and everything around us uses data in many forms, so the need for a data analyst is increasing. Another reason can be the high … Continue reading Become a Data Analyst

Data Analysis Tips

Since I created my facebook page, I have posted seven small tips that can help data analysis beginners. I decided to post all of them together in one post so they become more beneficial. Here are they: Tip 1: Collect More Data You should collect more data . . . and then be good about … Continue reading Data Analysis Tips